Craft Cocktails

Vito’s Restaurants are family owned and operated since 1978!  We take pride in our fresh home-made pastas, pizza dough and desserts but did you know we also love to create craft cocktailsCraft Cocktails are seemingly popular these days but did you know they date back to the Middle Ages?

Craft cocktails are a molecular mixology behind the bar that transforms traditional cocktails into super snazzy, taste bud tantalizing, cocktail recipes that will entice your palette and simply have you say “ahhh”!

You can enjoy the following fine craft cocktails at V’s Trattoria in Hartford.

House Craft Cocktails

280 Trumbull 9 ~ house made Limon cello, tito’s vodka ~ ~ blueberries ~

V’s Sangria 8 ~ seasonal recipe ~

Kiss from a Rosé 10 ~ sparkling rosé, malfy gin, elderflower, fresh lemon, honey ~ ~ grapefruit peel ~

Vecchio 10 ~ bulleit bourbon, muddled orange & amarena cherries, demerara, aromatic bitters ~ ~ muddled mess ~

Thyme for a Pear-tini 11 ~ grey goose la poire, pear juice, fresh lemon, thyme syrup ~ ~ fresh thyme ~

 Seasonal Craft Cocktails

Boot’s Popcorn Martini 11 ~ house made popcorn vodka, popcorn simple syrup ~ ~ cracker jack & pretzel rim (caramel or chocolate) ~

Hartford Snow Storm Hot Chocolate 10 ~ butterscotch infused rum, house made cocoa mix ~ ~ adult chocolate whipped cream, cinnamon stick ~

The Stubborn Noggin 11 ~ spiced rum, baileys, kahlua, cream, allspice, egg ~ ~ nutmeg ~ Winter Bubbles 10 ~ Pearl vanilla vodka, prosecco, cranberry juice ~ ~ Cranberries ~ Bottles & Can

Be sure to check out our craft cocktails at our other restaurants Vito’s By The Water and Vito’s Restaurant & Pizzaria of Wethersfield.

Thank you!

craft cocktail

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