Italian Thanksgiving Ideas

The holiday season is just about upon us and we want to take the opportunity to tell you a bit about Italian Thanksgiving menu ideas!  There are many fabulous Italian dishes that fit in and compliment the traditional American holiday.

During the holidays, extravagant holiday meals are popular in Italy.  The first and foremost popular dish is the Antipasto platter which can include veggies, Italian cheeses, crackers and thin sliced meats.  Next is soup or salad course – give a bowl of tortellini soup a try! A  pasta course can follow and you may want to think about including pumpkin ravioli

To mix up the potato choices, try  orange & cinnamon sweet potatoes!   Add bruschetta to the menu – making your own is simple & easy. 

Along with the traditional fixings of Thanksgiving and a few Italian dishes mixed in, you will have a meal that everyone will be talking about for weeks!

Don’t forget the cannolis and of course the Italian wine!


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