Don’t forget the Italian bread!

Fan of Italian Bread?  Italian bread is anywhere from crispy and crunchy to light and fluffy.   There are multiple ways you can use Italian bread!  So get out there, get your Italian bread and enjoy today!

Make a Classic Italian Sandwich

There are several Italian breads that are ideal for making delicious sandwiches stacked full of Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni and more. Muffuletta and Piadina are quite popular. An even more popular option is ciabatta bread. While these breads have different densities and tastes, they are a good choice for a classic Italian sandwich.

Use Bread for Getting all the Sauce

When it comes to authentic Italian food, you don’t want to waste a morsel. As a result, you can have a flakey bread or even breadsticks served with your meal to ensure everyone can sop up all the sauce goodness left behind.

 Serve Bread to Accompany Soup

Soup is commonly served during an Italian meal. Bread makes a great side item and is something you should include. Some people like to dip their bread in the soup, while others just eat along with the pasta you have served.

Make an Italian Pizza

What could be more Italian than pizza, right? You can use focaccia as your crust and make a delicious pizza.

Bread is a comfort food and something that should be a staple in any Italian meal. Italian-Bread1-e1445117827719-1024x637

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